Book more new patient appointments using our live chat agents

Convert a higher percentage of website visitors into patients with an experienced appointment booking agent and a live-chat tool on your website.

How much is a busy staff costing your practice?

Most medical practices get a decent amount of traffic on their website but they do not use live chat to engage. Prospect patients that have questions may prefer a quick chat vs. calling or emailing. The most qualified may call the office and your extremely busy staff and front-desk will most likely miss phone inquiries, or have a slow email response time.

It’s like having someone ready to answer questions and get that patient on your schedule

Our experienced appointment booking team will engage your visitors the moment they enter your site, using your Live-Chat Appointment Booking tool, with the sole purpose of pre-qualifying them and helping them book an appointment. We will be equipped with the same qualifying questions and answers you would train your front staff in order to have a high degree of well qualified first appointments and virtual consultations.

Make booking appointment easy

Without adding to your W-2 headcount, our staff supplements yours by taking website leads, phone calls and emails you are getting and making sure a higher percentage of those get booked as first-time appointments and consultations.


  • Unlimited Chats – not monthly limitations or volume limits
  • Secure data exchange and HIPAA compliance
  • Custom reports once a month
  • User analytics tracking provides a superior patient experience
  • Transparency and chat transcripts stored for all chats
  • Customization so your chat will look like it belongs there on your page

Frequently asked questions

Why should I stop using my front desk to book new patient appointments?

Most medical clinics hire staff based on their knowledge of insurance, billing, medical procedures, and familiarity with the industry. Most, however, do not have experience moving prospects from live chat to an appointment, between phone calls, checking in patients, taking payments, etc. there is no possible way to catch phone call leads, reply quickly via email, or even consider taking multiple live chats at once while helping explain an intensive procedure to someone.

My website doesn’t get much traffic right now. Should I invest in a live-chat tool anyways?

Absolutely. All our patients get a complimentary marketing strategy meeting to get your site geared up. Getting more traffic on medical clinic’s sites is what we do best.

Are they real humans talking to my patients?

Yes. And we take pride in that. Your Live Chat Appointment Booking services equip your website with a real U.S. based human being out of our Scottsdale, Arizona and Miami, Florida offices to take live chats, phone calls, and emails that your front desk staff often misses because they are too busy.

How do you accurately know about my schedule availability?

Your Live Chat Appointment Booking integrates with your front desk’s calendar and our team will be able to see available slots and block appointments real-time As needed custom Calendly links and calendar block tools can be used and integrated with your existing calendar setup to seamlessly manage the process.

How do you screen that patient to make sure they need my services?

Your dedicated team will have a clear understanding of who your target audience is before booking appointments. We will have a deep understanding of your offers and all things we need to know in order to make sure that person is a good candidate to become a patient of your clinic.

Will all my live chat conversations be HIPPA compliant?

Yes. Although we do not encourage patients to share medical information, your live chat assures their information is safe and secure if they do so.

Do you answer medical questions if the patient asks?

No. Our sole purpose is to pre-qualify your potential patients and book appointments with you. We may help to answer basic questions about availability, insurance coverage, and things related to getting that appointment booked for you.

We don’t provide medical advice, share patient chart information, testing or image results, or take notes from patients to practitioners at your clinic.

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