Our clients are delivering great patient care and leaving marketing to us.

We understand what it feels like to be busy but not getting new patients

If you are like many clients when first coming to us, you’ve likely wondered if there is really such a thing as a marketing plan that can grow medical practices.

We know that you want to invest in marketing. And you also know the importance of it for healthy patient flow. It’s just wrong that most marketing agencies out there are delivering “cookie-cutter” strategy that takes up too much of your time and your staff, and gives no consideration to the details of your industry and business model.

We’ve helped over 50 healthcare clients last year alone to communicate clearly and consistently. Which resulted in doubling the number of new patient inquiries.

This is the team that can change tires while the car is moving


Lucy Kairalla, MBA
Managing Partner

Richard Wilson
Managing Partner

Luis Escobar

Strategic Partnership Director

Julie Zanazi
Marketing Strategist

Milly Puma
Social Media & Paid Ads Strategist

Suzanne Dent
Marketing Strategist

Edgar Escobar
Graphic Designer

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